The Model City provides a framework that all cities can strive to meet by using every tool possible to support the freedom and ability of each person to control their reproductive and sexual lives, foster thriving families, and destigmatize abortion and contraception.

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Protecting Abortion Access
The Model City recognizes that abortion is essential health care and takes all necessary steps to ensure that access to that care is safe, affordable, protected, and free from stigma or criminalization. The Model City addresses the deceptive practices of anti-abortion pregnancy centers (AAPCs), protects safe access to abortion clinics, bans discrimination based on reproductive health decisions, and more.
Funding and Coverage for Reproductive Healthcare
The Model City budget reflects the city’s values by providing funding to fully meet the need for high-quality, patient-centered reproductive health care and services, including abortion. The city brings an equity lens to its funding process.
Supporting Young People
The Model City equips young people with the sexual and reproductive health information and services they need to make the best decisions for themselves regarding their health, relationships, families, and futures.
Supporting Families
The Model City supports every resident’s right to create, raise, and support their families in a healthy, safe, and secure environment through policies like paid family leave, supportive lactation policies, protection against discrimination based on pregnancy and family status, and more.
Building Healthy & Just Communities
The Model City is committed to health, economic security, safety, and autonomy for all people, inclusive of their many identities. Its initiatives and programs include things such as positive sexual and reproductive health public awareness campaigns, “shield” laws for survivors, pro-democracy initiatives, and more.
Proclaiming Local Values
The Model City establishes its social justice values, including its support for reproductive freedom, through resolutions and public statements. The city speaks out on local-, state-, and federal-level reproductive health, rights, and justice issues that impact its residents.